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You will get refund and 50K additional VC

nba2k18mt Date: Sep/24/17 22:28:57 Views: 428

You will get refund and 50K additional VC

If you want a refresher of what exactly the reimbursement is or see the statement from 2K, see yesterday's post.Remember, the VC refund + 50K additional VC is INSTEAD of a player clone.

Q: I got VC compensation but did not receive the portion spent from my pre-order bonus, what do I do?

Those cases should all be resolved now and the pre-order bonus should be credited to your account shortly (if it hasn't already).

Q: What if I lose my save after yesterday? Do I still get VC?

Yes, file a ticket with 2K under "MyCAREER" and then "My game experienced a crash and now I am missing MyCareer Save Data" to put a ticket in the correct queue. They will process those reimbursements individually in waves.

Q: Do I get my pre-order clothes back?

Yes, you should be receiving them along with the VC.

Q: I didn't get a VC reimbursement, what do I do?

Was your ticket under the right category? If not, there will be a delay as Support is going through leftover tickets to find mis-queued tickets and also give you guys the VC.

If your ticket was under the right category, try a restart of your console.

If neither of these work, please be patient. Not all VC refunds have been issued.

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