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When you see a new New Players In NBA 2K18 give them some tips

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Here at, we have some people who have been playing NBA 2K since the days of the Dreamcast so we do have a few seasoned pros here. NBA 2K18 is a straight up basketball simulation game. Yes it is still a video game, but 2Khas gone for as a realistic approach as they possibly could and it gets more in depth with each game, 2K18 being no different.

When you see a new New Players In NBA 2K18 give them some tips

But more so with NBA 2K18 than 16 and 17 we have noticed a lot of new players have tried to get into the series. Now we feel that this is because of the open world aspect that has been added to it and we are sure that as the first major sports game to be released on the Nintendo Switch that also played a hand in it. Anyway, there are a lot of new players to the series that you have to deal with¡­.. and it can be frustrating.
NBA 2K18 can have a brutal learning curve. You have to pick a position and really learn how to play it. This is not an arcade style basketball game where you just run up and down the court and play all five positions. It must be very daunting for a new player to jump into some NBA 2K18 online and have to get a load of abuse thrown their way for how much they suck or for how bad their build is. To be honest, it is no worse than any other gaming community, but we feel the best way to deal with these new people is to help them!
Yes, that sounds cheesy, but if you do know what you are doing give them some pointers. Do not just quit the game because you are playing with a dude who has a horrible record or even no record at all. Give them some tips on how to make a good build, how to play and what their job is!
NBA 2K18 is a fantastic game, but it certainly is not friendly to new players with how complex it is. So if you are an NBA 2K pro, instead of sighing when you see a new player, give them some tips. 

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