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What system proficiencies are you having the most success with NBA 2K18 Build the System?

nba2k18mt Date: Oct/07/17 01:13:51 Views: 521

What system proficiencies are you having the most success with? Have you found any system-specific players you would recommend?

I've actually spent a lot of time recently trying to find players suited to the systems I use the most: Perimeter Centric, Seven Seconds and Grit, and Grind. It's quite a time-consuming (and expensive) experiment to find the right guys, but MyTeam has been so much more fun because of this aspect of the game. I love perfecting lineups with different strengths, and depending on which team or mode I'm about to play, I use a specialized squad to combat it. This keeps everything fresh and engaging, and definitely has made me a better player.

What system proficiencies are you having the most success with NBA 2K18 Build the System?

But I need to keep upgrading my team as I now work through Historic Domination.

Yep, with the help of my new cards, I was able to finally defeat the Supreme All-NBA All-Star Death Squad! They still beat me a couple more times as I was getting acquainted with my new guys (one game was lost in the final seconds because of a missed dunk that turned into a Steph Curry 3-pointer, at the buzzer, in overtime), but eventually, I took them down.


Here's the reward I chose as my first 2K18 amethyst card:

Ron has the weirdest free-throw timing I've seen in the game so far, but defensively, he Gandalfs the opposing team's best player into submission. I might even have to venture back online to see how he stacks up, but for now, Historic Domination doesn't stand a chance.

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