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What’s NBA 2K18 Bricking Right Now?

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What’s NBA 2K18 Bricking Right Now?

Virtual Currency (VC)

The one thing that is probably the biggest gripe for me instantly and potentially for the whole season of NBA 2K18 is what appears to be an almost overzealous need to have VC in high amounts in order to succeed in MyCareer and the Road to 99. Looking at the mode so far and looking around the Neighborhood and what you can do with your player, you’re going to need VC for virtually EVERYTHING you plan to change or improve on. Some bring forth the argument that you don’t need to buy VC to succeed and that you can grind out to make a good amount, but there are many players that either doesn't have time to grind through or just want to be competitive enough to keep up to the best at all times. Anyway you look at it, it seems like the VC trend is potentially starting to become something more towards corporate greed this year as opposed to an expected secondary income stream for 2K.


Create A Player Options

One thing that has probably angered a lot of people and was quickly brought to the attention of the 2K staff by fellow peer Brian Mazique is the lack of creating player options. Usually, the suite has a good amount of customization options when you make a player, and has been used by Brian and other roster creation wizards to make All-Time teams and rookie classes over the years. This year’s suite at launch appears to almost be gutted of a lot of the options that were available last year. Regressing in that regard is just not acceptable. It appears that these lack of features also ties into MyGM as you can’t edit the appearance of your GM, which is mirrored off your MyCareer player. While changes made in that mode to your appearance are saved, it doesn’t apply these changes out of the mode, and an option to alter your GM doesn't seem to exist. Hopefully, this is rectified in the same patch that 2K has said they’ll fix and update the lack of options for creating a player.



One thing I took notice of was that the luxury of Simulcast, a fantastic simulation option in MyGM/MyLeague, has a very small but frustrating issue that just shouldn’t be happening: When you jump into a game to take over and play from the point you’re at, for some reason the coding of the game makes both teams wear either their home or away jerseys. Every…single…time. It may not be a big deal to some players, but it’s kind of frustrating to jump into a game and both teams are wearing their white home kits. How in the heck is someone to know who’s who at first glance!? This is something that the 2K team needs to fix and update with one of their patches, hopefully much sooner rather than later.


Neighborhood Park/Pro-Am Play

This one complaint is really more of a personal one, but it affects the game and how some players might feeling playing the game. At this point where we’re in our third year of running with the Park and another year with Pro-Am, it still irks me that players feel that they need to hog the ball and put up AWFUL shots. Basketball is a team game; yes there are some players over the years that could change the game on their own, but this is NBA 2K. This is a video game. The multiplayer and social atmosphere of the Park and Pro-Am calls for teaming up with friends or strangers to try to beat others by working TOGETHER. It still drives me crazy seeing players go into games and trying to do everything on their own, thus causing the experience to lose the fun factor it is supposed to have for everyone. Yes, we’re supposed to have fun playing the game and it is a game, but I feel that there should still be a certain level of seriousness to the game that each player brings to go along with the enjoyment they want to experience.

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What’s NBA 2K18 Swishing Right Now?

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