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What NBA 2K18 Will happen?

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The basketball gaming series developed from the very beginning by Visual Concepts is one of the longest running sports-inspired video game franchises in existence, having been first released way back in 1999. Back in September this year, the NBA 2K series got its eighteenth instalment with NBA 2K17. Despite some critical shortcomings, the game has been widely well-received by fans everywhere. 

What NBA 2K18 Will happen?

1) NBA 2K18: 2K Games is famed for churning out a new game every year in its acclaimed virtual sports gaming series that have retained their old fanbase as well as acquired newer ones with each newly added instalment. The NBA 2K series is no exception to that. 

2) Considering the peak of success and increasing popularity that the games have seen in the past and continue to see in the present, there is certainly no question for 2K deciding to pull the plug on the series at this point. Moreover, the release of the last game went to show on a major level all the changes that the series needed to gain the number one spot among the basketball games series in existence alongside it. While NBA 2K17 was well-received by fans, critics commented quite harshly on some of the improvements that the new game failed to bring over 2015’s instalment. Moreover, while the game played out well on some consoles (mostly the ones from Microsoft), other versions have not been nearly as smooth.

3) So with that in mind, we will say that NBA 2K18 will come out when we expect it to. And we are also hopeful that the game will introduce us to some great new changes that will change the slackened advancement that the series has been seeing over the last few years.

4) It is widely believed that NBA 2K18 will have to come with some major overhaul in the technical as well as creative departments to be able to bring to fans what they want. While we know that there will always be room for improvement in a series that churns out a new game every year with consistency, it is evident that fans are waiting to see some real upgrades in terms of the story and gameplay. Considering the fact that NBA 2K17 came out in September this year, we may assume that the devs are already hard at work on the upcoming title. 

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