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What Do I Do If I Get NBA 2K18 Banned

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How Long Are the Bans, And What Do I Do If I Get NBA 2K18 Banned?

There are two types of bans: a temporary or permanent. Per an NBA 2K18 rep I spoke to, the temporary bans last only about a week. The permanent bans are indeed for good. If you are permanently banned and believe it has happened unfairly, you can contact NBA 2K18's customer service department.

However, it would probably be less of a headache to simply create another account and to refrain from repeating the violation that got you banned

What Do I Do If I Get NBA 2K18 Banned

NBA 2K18 Player To  Banned and Disgruntled

There have been a number of prominent YouTubers who have had their accounts banned. One of the more high-profile cases is Kristopher London aka LSK. In a response to his banning, LSK has unleashed a fleet of anti-2K videos and even started the hashtag #FreeLSK. He's even selling t-shirts from a link in the description of his videos bearing the hashtag.

Senior Vice President of Basketball at NBA 2K18 Jason Argent offered this official statement on the reasons behind the banning of accounts:

While LSK seems to admit to a few infractions in his videos, suggesting he's been banned for making negative remarks about the game is far more scandalous and compelling.

"The NBA 2K team works hard to ensure we maintain a fair and secure marketplace for our dedicated community. We will not allow users who choose to break our terms and conditions or engage in prohibited behavior to harm other gamers’ experiences."

Banning a critic on YouTube isn't going to silence them. In fact, this is only going to agitate them more and encourage them to publish even more disparaging content about the game. It makes no sense for NBA 2K18 to do something like that with a YouTuber like LSK who has over 320,000 subscribers.

Hopefully, LSK and the other gamers in the NBA 2K18 community can find a resolution to their issues. I'd much rather discuss new features and wishlists than bans and angry consumers.
I cannot deny the "LSK" on the brick wall, but quite honestly we can't say without a doubt that this is a shot at London. More importantly, it seems highly unlikely his ban has anything to do with any video he's made bad mouthing NBA 2K18.

I spoke to 2K about the possibility of a player being banned for a negative commentary, and I was assured that would never be a reason for punishment.


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