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Unlimited Boost Glitch In NBA 2K18!

nba2k18mt Date: Oct/17/17 03:33:40 Views: 516

Hey guys, if you are a fan of NBA 2K18 like us here at, you may have heard about this awesome glitch in the game which gives you unlimited boosts. NBA 2K18 features various boosts that you can buy with Coins. These boots give you things like better dunking ability, jump shots, rebounding and so on. They are quite expensive and can take a while to earn until now that is.

Unlimited Boost Glitch In NBA 2K18!

1: First thing you want to do is buy one of the 99 boosts, buy the one that you actually care about.

2: EVENT DAYS ONLY!!! For this to work, you have to take part in either the Mountain Dew or the Ruffles events that happen. You do not have to worry about winning them, just play one game. You get 30 boosts for doing this. 

3: Once you have played your game, exit out to the main screen and then load up your My Plater that you want to get the boost. 

4: When you go back into the game, check your boosts that they are there. Once they are there, exit out, come back in and the boosts you got should be unlimited out! 


This is a glitch that is well worth exploiting as chances are most of the players you are coming across in NBA 2K18 are using it already. So give it a go and let us know in the comments below how you got on. Also if you need some of that NBA 2K18 VC to buy your initial boost, get in touch with us as we have great deals on NBA 2K18 VC right now. 

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