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Top 10 Rated Players At Each Position In NBA 2K18 Released

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The Highest Rated Players In NBA 2K18!

Just recently 2K announced who the highest rated players in NBA 2K18 are and as we are super excited for this year's NBA 2K game, we wanted to share this news with you.

Now before we get into the top rated players, we want to talk about rookies, well one rookie in particular and that is Lonzo Ball! Lonzo Ball is seen as the next big thing by many and the Lakers have a lot running on this guy, he is rated at 80 which as a rookie is phenomenal.

Top 10 Rated Players At Each Position In NBA 2K18 Released

Point Guard: When it comes to point guards you will not be surprised to hear that the Warriors Steph Curry is the highest rated at 94. But he is not alone as Russel Westbrook of the Thunder is also rated at 94. 

Shooting Guard: James Harden is the king of the shooting guards, the Rockets SG is rated at 94. Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler are just behind at 90 each.

Small Forward: The small forward position has the three highest rated players in the game with LeBron James being the highest at 97. Kevin Durant of the Warriors is next at 96 and then Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs is at 95.

Power Forward: The Pelicans, Anthony Davis is rated at 94 and the only power forward to have a higher than 90 rating. Next is Draymond Green of the Warriors who is 88. 

Center: There are two centers rated at over 90. DeMarcus Cousins of the Pelicans is the top at 92 and right behind him at 91 is the Timberwolves Karl-Anthony Towns who is at 91.


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