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The Best Ankle Breakers In NBA 2K18

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Here at, we have been having a lot of fun with NBA 2K18. One of the coolest things in this year's games are the epic crossovers that you and the funny animations of your opponent as they stumble all over and hit the floor as you get past them. In the NBA game, we call these ankle breakers and it is what separates the men from the boys when you are online!

The Best Ankle Breakers In NBA 2K18

While you may have come here to check out our NBA 2K18 VC we wanted to share with you this awesome video of the best NBA 2K18 Ankle Breakers from YouTuber ShakeDown2012. We also wanted to share what ones we thought were the best.

8: How can you not love this one? A classy little stutter step sends the dude falling onto his butt!

7: This one was just ridiculous! The guy was a good 2 feet away from him, yet he still stumbled all over after falling for the crossover.

4: Really funny this one. It is more about the animation than the move to cause the guy to fall. But we love it when an opposing player basically falls so they are bowing at your feet!

2: This was one is crazy. The guy is running towards the hoop and manages to put two defenders on the floor as they part like he is Moses! 


These are just a few of the ones from this top ten video that we loved, but let us know what are some of the best ankle breakers that you have seen in NBA 2K18.  

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