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Switch "NBA 2K18" need 6.8 GB free space

nba2k18mt Date: Sep/15/17 02:25:14 Views: 476

Switch "NBA 2K18" need 6.8 GB free space

The "NBA 2K18" version of the Switch will occupy 6.8 GB of free space on the Switch. Generally speaking, this is not a big thing, but because the game is only released in the eShop release, so take up space is still very important.


The game will be available on Switch eShop in three versions: the regular version, the "gold" version and the "legend" version. The difference between the versions is largely due to the cost of clothing, but the price on the legend will cost $ 100.


"NBA 2K18" on September 19 landing Switch eShop, the fall will release the entity version.


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