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Prediction for NBA 2K18 Player Ratings for Top Stars at Each Position

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As far as realistic basketball simulations go,Prediction NBA 2K18 hits it right on the head—LeBron James is king.

Player ratings are always the most controversial part of a new release from 2K18. Not controversial in a bad way, either, but merely what gets fans talking the most before a new game's release.

Here is a look at the top players in the game who made the cut and don't have much to complain about:

Prediction for NBA 2K18 Player Ratings for Top Stars at Each Position


Prediction NBA 2K18 Player Ratings
Player Pos. Team Rating
LeBron James SF Cleveland Cavaliers 96
Stephen Curry PG Golden State Warriors 94
Kevin Durant SF Golden State Warriors 93
Kawhi Leonard SF San Antonio Spurs 93
Russell Westbrook PG Oklahoma City Thunder 93
Chris Paul PG Los Angeles Clippers 91
Anthony Davis PF New Orleans Pelicans 90
James Harden SG Houston Rockets 90
Klay Thompson SG Golden State Warriors 90
DeMarcus Cousins C Sacramento Kings 90
Draymond Green PF Golden State Warriors 90
Damian Lillard PG Portland Trail Blazers 89
Paul George SF Indiana Pacers 89
Kyrie Irving PG Cleveland Cavaliers 89
LaMarcus Aldridge PF San Antonio Spurs 88
Carmelo Anthony SF New York Knicks 88
John Wall PG Washington Wizards 88
Jimmy Butler SG Chicago Bulls 88
Karl-Anthony Towns C Minnesota Timberwolves 88
Andre Drummond C Detroit Pistons 87


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