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NBA2K18 Will be coming soon, Do you want to say goodbye to the NBA 2K17?

nba2k18mt Date: Aug/27/17 23:23:51 Views: 420

NBA2k18 will be released on September 19th. And yes, I want to say bye to NBA2k17. Although I'm a relatively new 2k player(started with 2k15), 2k17 has been the worst of the three. The main modes I play, play now, my career, and the online versions have been horrible. On play now, the menus are horrible and trying to substitute player takes ages. And once you go to the higher difficulties the AI is bad. Although some of it has been fixed, the AI still double teams you instantly, makes bad plays, etc. For my career, the AI is still bad and it's repetitive. The deals with your shoe brand don't go past the second level no matter how well you do. The transition from college to the NBA turns you from a superstar to you getting the ball stolen every time you get past the half court line. For online, the servers suck. They crash while you're playing half the time and the other half the time it doesn't even work. So while NBA2k17 had some good stuff to it (mileage was great), it was still horrible and I hope 2k18 is a lot better.

NBA2K18 Will be coming soon, Do you want to say goodbye to the NBA 2K17?

I invested a lot of time and money in the NBA 2k17, some reluctant. But NBA 2k18 has updated the player's status and is the biggest temptation for me to love the NBA. No problem, anyway, I can buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins on NBA2K18MT(, and to build my new team, have cheap price and best service, I know they have some good shopping website!

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