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NBA 2K18 update 1.06 is now live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

nba2k18mt Date: Nov/27/17 20:12:44 Views: 1079

The update brings with it some main changes and smaller tweaks. For example, the team fixed a problem exactly where ? Bryan would cease sending users texts to choose up their endorsement VC cheques in MyCAREER. For much more alterations, Now Nba2k18mt will share the total NBA 2K18 update 1.06 patch notes.

NBA 2K18 update 1.06 is now live for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Verify out the NBA 2K18 update 1.06 patch notes beneath:
- Trivia are going to be re-enabled within the 2K Zone in MyCAREER once all consoles have received this update. For those who have not but tried it out, 2K Zone - - - Trivia gives 25 VC for each query you answer appropriately!
- Customers will no longer expertise a hang when attempting to read texts from Bryan in MyCAREER.
- Fixed a problem exactly where Bryan would quit sending users texts to pick up their endorsement VC cheques in MyCAREER.
- Addressed a hang that could happen within the Gatorade Coaching Facility appropriate ahead of beginning an activity.
- Addressed a case where some customers have been seeing their custom developed footwear appearing differently in-game than how they looked in the editor.
- The camera will no longer focus around the crowd when play resumes when named suitable before a free throw in Pro-Am and Play Now On the web games.
- Fixed a case where the playoffs would fail to advance following finishing a round in the course of an offline MyCAREER.
- Squads will now remain intact when selecting to Play Game soon after finishing a Ruffles Tournament game.
- Michael Jordan's tongue should now look a little bit additional Mike-like
NBA 2K18 update 1.06 is now available to download.

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