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NBA 2K18 Trailer & Game Expectation

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So what the trailer will bring is still in doubt. And another question that pops up is would it be something the players are asking for or it would be a mere teaser? We sure hope that it gives us all the details so that we can judge what the game is going to be like. But one thing that everyone is sure about is it would be liked by the audience.

NBA 2K18 Trailer & Game Expectation

Adding Interviews – Getting the chance to have a look on the interview of your team gives you a better idea about it. It would let you know the team better and you can proceed accordingly. Again, this would build a good connection between the game and the players, turning them into loyal fans.

ADDING MORE TEAMS – In real life every player is a fan of a different team. Adding more classic teams to the game would give them a better plethora of options to choose from. They would be able to go for their exact favourites.

GAME GRAPHICS – The fans expect graphics to be a little modified. The better the graphics are of a game, the better the gaming experience gets. Better graphics will probably get us more hooked to the game so this is something that should be surely considered.

QUICK CREATE – People tend to spend a lot of time creating their own in-game players, while for others it is such a hassle full task. It would be easier and would save a lot of time if we could just create a simple player with one button.

Choice of Location – it would be so amazing to play the game in your favourite city. The option to handpick the city of your choice will really appease the fans.
Tutorials For The Beginners – Many players will be introduced to the game for the first time. To have a tutorial for them would be a great help and guidance that would provide them with a better understanding of the gaming scenario.

Editing Options – the players would be so happy if small details are taken care of. For example, the option to select the jersey and other small details in the game would bring a stronger connection between the players and the players and the game as well.

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