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NBA 2K18’s The Prelude Leaves Us Wanting More!

nba2k18mt Date: Sep/11/17 03:50:32 Views: 435

NBA 2K18’s The Prelude Leaves Us Wanting More!

NBA 2K18 is shaping up to be something truly awesome and many of us here at were super excited to try out "The Prelude" which was the demo for NBA 2K18. Well we have played it and to be fair it is a free demo, but man this is one of the shortest demos we have played in quite some time.

The demo to us seems like it is all about hyping the new Neighborhood feature of NBA 2K18 which is like an open hub world that is going to link your whole NBA 2K18 experience together as you start off playing on the streets and working your way up to the NBA.

Well in The Prelude, you can create a character (using the app o put your face in the game) and from here you see a couple of cut scenes which if we are honest are not the highest quality and you also take part in a scrimmage between the Warriors and the Cavs. It is fun enough stuff, but with how much 2K have hyped this demo, we really expected more. It actually took a hell of a lot longer to download the demo than it did finish it!

We know it is harsh to criticize a demo, but with 2K hyping this up so much we did feel they could have thrown a little more in here. Maybe a few more teams to play as or letting us walk around the neighborhood a little more. Still as limited as this first look at NBA 2K18 is, we are still very excited to get our hands on the full version of the game. 


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