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NBA 2K18 Makes Practice Fun

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NBA 2K18 Makes Practice Fun

One of the things that many of us here at and many of you did not like about NBA 2K17 was how tedious and boring practice was in My Player. It felt like such a chore, but it was something that you had to do in order to make your player better, in general, it was just a huge pain in the butt!

Thankfully in NBA 2K18, the Road To 99, where you can become a truly elite player is nowhere near as tedious. Yes, 2K has made it so that we still have to practice, but this time around it just feels more fun and you can see a clear progression in your player. So in other words, the more your practice, the more stat points you get, the better your player gets! It is what a practice mode should be like in a sports game 

While the actual act of practicing different drills will improve your stats and make you an overall better player at the game. One thing that is pretty neat is the badges/medals that you can earn. Now, these medals are nothing more than eye candy, but if you are the kind of gamer who loves to collect things and has a bit of a completionist attitude then you will no doubt want to earn as many of these as possible. It is just another little thing that 2K have done to make practice more fun this year and we think it is pretty cool.

So do not just dismiss these years practice like it has been in the past, 2K has really worked hard to make sure that practice in NBA 2K18 is as much fun as possible. 

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