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Nba 2k18 Failed Fix Michael Jordan's freaky tongue

nba2k18mt Date: Dec/01/17 01:46:28 Views: 496

Have you been logging hours and hours on NBA 2K18 not too long ago? Have you been playing with Michael Jordan around the classic '90s Chicago Bulls teams featured in the game?

If you have answered 'yes' to those concerns, possibly you've noticed that Digital M.J. likes to stick his tongue out through play, just like his real-life counterpart. Props to NBA 2K -- they continuously spend plenty of consideration to even the smallest details.

However, the good people more than at 2K have run into the bit of a snag though trying to replicate His Airness' tongue. There was a bit of an unsettling glitch that brought on the tongue to protrude using Jordan's bottom lip and be affected by some weird shadowing.

Here's a appear:

(As a great deal as I would prefer to make exciting of this problem, I can barely turn on my laptop so I'll leave the skilled video game developers alone.)
It would seem that 2K either received complaints in regards to the glitch or noticed it themselves and attempted to have ahead of it, as they released a patch Tuesday that incorporated an odd update around the list of fixes.
Because it turns out, the crucial word there's "should," because it seems 2K fell slightly brief in their attempt at rectifying the weird tongue.
Presenting Jordan's tongue post-update:

Nba 2k18 Failed Fix Michael Jordan

Dare I say this one appears even worse? It is incredibly close!

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