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Making Sure Your NBA 2K18 Rosters Are Up To Date

nba2k18mt Date: Sep/27/17 21:15:45 Views: 388

Making Sure Your NBA 2K18 Rosters Are Up To Date

As you will have noticed over the last few months, are really into NBA 2K18. Well, we have put a lot of time into the game and wouldn't you know it a huge, huge trade has just gone down with Carmelo Anthony being traded from the New York Knicks to the Oklahoma City Thunder. This was huge news, but it also means that the roster for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Knicks is out of date.

Thankfully 2K is awesome at keeping the rosters up to date in their games and this year is no different as Melo has already been moved to the Thunder. Usually, 2K will update the rosters every couple of months. They will change players and even stats, depending on how players are performing.

You do not actually have to do much at all to make these roster updates happen. As long as your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or whatever console you are playing this on is connected to the internet, it should happen all by itself. 

When you fire up the game if there is a large NBA 2K18 logo with a rotating ball, it means the game is doing an update. Do not mess around with your console, just let the update happen as this is a 2K game it can take a little while, even if the update seems like it should be small.

One thing that is worth mentioning and this is straight from 2K is that if you are one of the very few people who has not had your game update all by itself, you can send them a message on their official NBA 2K18 Twitter and they will help you out.

Or if you cannot wait that long, you can go in and make the roster changes yourself or even download rosters that other players have made. F

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