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Look Out For Fake NBA 2K18 Hacks!

nba2k18mt Date: Sep/23/17 01:18:46 Views: 467

We have had a lot of fun with NBA 2K18 so far and think that 2K have done a really good job and judging from how many of you guys have been asking us about our NBA 2K18 VC we can see you guys are loving it too. Anyway, that kind of brings us to our post today and that is people claiming to have these amazing hacks that are going to give your unlimited VC that you can use in My Player and My Neighborhood.


Already if you are looking for NBA 2K18 tips online you are going to find a lot of videos that will claim they can make it so you can get money for nothing. Now there may be some ways that you can farm for VC and make a decent amount, but none of these "get VS for doing nothing" guides are ever going to pan out! They are just there to make you watch a 10-minute video so they can make some money and at the end of it you are no better off in your game of NBA 2K18.

We may use your own judgment on what is a legit video. Go for ones that claim to be guided there to help you earn VC and ignore the ones claiming they can get you it for doing nothing. Also, NBA 2K18 is fun as hell so why people would want to skip playing it and get VC for nothing, especially as it has just been released! Is very strange to us.

Let us know if you have found any good ways to get a lot of NBA 2K18 VC in the comments below! 

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