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Is It Ethical To Use The NBA 2K18 Boost Glitch?

nba2k18mt Date: Oct/17/17 03:38:56 Views: 465

Hey, guys, we know that we just recently posted about the fantastic glitch that was found in NBA 2K18. For those of you who do not know this is being called the boost glitch. Basically, Ruffles and Mountain Dew have two sponsored events happening in NBA 2K18. You get boosts as a reward for just playing one game at these events so it is pretty cool and the events themselves are fun for people who are into that kind of thing. 

Is It Ethical To Use The NBA 2K18 Boost Glitch?

But these events are glitched pretty badly as people are getting unlimited boosts! That is right, unlimited dunking/layup boosts, jump shot boosts, rebounding all of the boosts are getting maxed out, all for just playing one little game!

Of course, the NBA 2K18 community is jumping all over this, but it got us thinking about if this is ethical to do? On one hand, people are not really cheating as this is a glitch in the main game that 2K should have caught, although a fix is bound to be speeding along. But if you are a big-time NBA 2K18 player who is earning their boosts through grinding for that VC so you can buy them. What chance do you have against another player who has unlimited boosts?

So on that hand, we get why so many people are doing this. It does even the playing field, but there is bound to be some people out there who have no clue about the NBA 2K18 boost glitch. People who love basketball, NBA 2K, but they do not follow the game on Twitter or YouTube so they have no clue this kind of thing is happening. We can see how for people like this, playing against players who do have unlimited boosts are going to be a frustrating experience.

Some may call this cheating, but we think it is just players exploiting a problem with the game. A problem that is actually 2K's fault! We will say that if you are interested in this, you better do it soon as it has been blowing up on social media so 2K have to be working on a way to fix this.

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