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How to Unlock All NBA 2K18 Badges

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This NBA 2K18 Badges Guide is an advanced and in-depth look into the horde of badges that exist in the new NBA game. We will inform you of all of the categories and types of badges that are available along with the purpose of the specific badge in each category. 

In this NBA 2K18 Badges Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about unlocking all the Badges in the game.

NBA 2K18 Skill Badges

Skill badges are broken up across the following categories and they can be upgraded once you earned the bronze tier in their specific category.

Inside Scorer | Outside Scorer | Playmaker | Athleticism | Rebounding | Defense

Inside Scorer

Acrobat: Allows you attempt difficult shots and change shots in the air. Acquired when you do 15 reverse layups and 5 change shot layups in one season.

Tear Dropper: Make 50 floaters in one season to improve your floaters and runners with this badge.

Putback King: Score multiple putbacks to get the putback king and improve awareness around the basketball after offensive rebound.

Pick and Roller: Get this badge by executing 100 pick and rolls in a season. This will improve offensive awareness of the roller during a pick and roll.

Relentless Finisher: Physical hits on contact shot will not impact your energy as much if you attempt 75 contact layups and get this badge.

Drop Stepper: Execute 30-drop step moves to get this badge and improve drop step in the post.

Dream Like Up and Under: Attempt 50 up and under shots in a single season to get this badge and improve scoring from the aforementioned move.


Outside Scorer

Corner Specialist: Get 25 3-point shots in a single season to acquire the badge and improve 3 points shooting from the corner.

Deep Range Deadeye: Hit 100 deep range shots while the ball is being contested to improve deep range shot percentage.

Limitless Range: Hit 50 long-range shots before the hash mark to unlock this badge and improve deep three percentage.

Difficult Shots: Hit 100-200 pull and hop shots that are contested to improve your tough shots off dribble percentage.

Pick and Popper: Score 200 times as the pick and pop man to unlock this badge and improve pick and pop receiving capacity.

Tireless Scorer: Make 200 shot attempts while energy bar is red to unlock this badge and improve effectiveness when high energy is being spent.

Catch and Shoot: Make 100 scores in a single season from catching and shooting to acquire the badge and improve the percentage of standstill shots off the catch.



Anklebreaker: Land 200 'Double move leading to a score' in a single season to get the badge and ankle break an opponent while executing dribble moves.

Flashy Passer: Execute 50 flash passes in a season to unlock the badge and improve passing to receivers.

Pick and Roll maestro: Call for 150 screens in one season to get the badge and improve the accuracy of passes and shooting off screens when you initiate a pick and roll.

Lob City Passer: Execute 50 alley-oops in a single season to improve their accuracy.

Dimer: Get 300 assists in a single season to unlock the badge and become an elite passer.



Lob City Finisher: Make 15 successful lobs in a single season to get the badge and slam home an alley-oop with better accuracy.

Posterizer: Making 15 contact dunks in a single season unlocks this badge and causes you to dunk at a higher rate over defenders.

Bruiser: Your player's physicality will drain the energy of your opponent.

Brick Wall: Execute 100 screens in a single season to get the badge and be more likely to set an effective screen.

One Man Fast Break: Score 100 times on a fast break in a single season to get the badge and be overall a better player when executing a fast break.



Hustle Rebounder

Grab down 70 offensive and 250 defensive rebounds to get this badge and improve aggressiveness to chase rebounds.



Defensive Stopper: Land multiple good shot defense along with stop fastbreak and good transition defense to decrease the effectiveness of offensive skills during a defensive matchup.

Charge Card: Take seven charges to get the badge and be more effective at taking the charge.

Pick Dodger: Use turbo to fight through screens and unlock the badge. This badge will allow you to improve your ability to get around screens.

Pick Pocket: Cause a loose ball 50 times to get this badge and improve your ability to steal from ball handler.

Rim Protector: Improves defensive awareness around the rim

Chase Down Artist: Improves your ability to transition while defending and stop fast breaks.


NBA 2K18 Personality Badges

Alpha Dog: Be team's highest rated player to get the badge and improve your overall leadership.

Clutch Performer: Improves capacity to improve in big games.

Wildcard: Player can be inconsistent – amazing or crap.

Spark Plug: Average at least 7 ppg over 6 straight games to get the badge and make yourself more likely to be better when coming off the bench.

Enforcer: Make 10 hard and non-flagrant fouls in one season to improve your physicality.

Floor General: Average 5 assists per game over 30 games to unlock this badge and improve offense of entire team when you are on the court.

Hardened: Average at least 80 percent of team's overall minutes over 20 straight games to unlock the badge and not lose much skill when fatigued/injured.

Defensive Anchor: Raise defender discipline to 18 and play at least 30 games in career to unlock the badge and help teammates improve awareness and defensive skill.

Championship DNA: Win a championship to unlock the badge and respond faster to double teams/play better during playoffs.

Microwave: Make your player hot in 7 straight games to unlock the badge and have your player heat up faster than most others.

Friendly: The player is well liked by teammates.

Reserved: The player does not get along with teammates.

Legendary Work Ethic: Player works the hardest

All-Time Great: Player works towards being an all-time great of NBA

Low Ego: More likely to value team success over self.

Keep it Real: Player deals with criticism better.

Pat My Back: The player likes being coddled by teammates and coaches.

Expressive: Celebrate when the opportunity presents itself to get the badge and be more open about your feelings.

Unpredictable: Player is unpredictable (duh).

Laid Back: The player more approachable and laidback.

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