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How to Enter the NBA 2K All-Star Tournament

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How to Enter. To enter the “All-Star Tournament” (“Contest”) and compete in the Contest Tournament (“Tournament”), you (“Team Owner”) must compete as a team (“Team”) during a Contest qualifying round (“GameDay Qualifying Round” and each a “GameDay” or “Qualifying Round”) in a game (“Qualifying Game”) during the Contest Schedule set forth below in Section 3. The three (3) highest scoring Teams for Xbox One (XBO) and the three (3) highest scoring Teams for PlayStation 4 (PS4) on each GameDay that meet the eligibility requirements set forth below in Section 2 will be eligible to compete in the Tournament (each a “GameDay Qualifier”). For clarity, six (6) Teams will qualify on each GameDay (three (3) Teams from XBO and three (3) Teams from PS4). Additionally, one (1) Team from each platform with the highest single GameDay Total Score during the Qualifying Rounds that did not previously qualify for the Tournament from XBO and from PS4 (two (2) total Teams) will qualify for the Tournament (“Wild Card Qualifier”). To be eligible to qualify for the Tournament, Team Owner and individual Team Members must meet the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 2 below and:

Own or have access to NBA 2K17 (“Game”).
Own or have access to:
If playing on XBox One (XBO): a Gamertag and Xbox Gold Service.
If playing on PlayStation 4 (PS4): PSN ID and PS Plus service.
Log on to his/her 2K “MyPLAYER” account (which is free) (“NBA 2K18 MT Account”).
Create a Pro-Am Team with one (1) Team Owner and at least two (2) additional team members (each a “Team Member”) and achieve Elite Status with such Pro-Am Team as further described below prior to competing in a Qualifying Game during a GameDay Qualifying Round.
A Pro-Am Team is created by choosing the Pro-Am menu from MyCAREER mode, selecting Own A Team, and inviting between two (2) and nine (9) other players to join as Team Members. A Team Owner may only have one (1) Pro-Am Team. A “Team Roster” consists of the Team Owner and the two (2) to nine (9) Team Members who have joined the Team. Team Members must accept the invitation to become an official Team Member, and they may voluntarily quit the Team at any time. However, Team Members may only be on one (1) Team at a time. Team/Team Owner can enlist from two (2) to nine (9) Team Members, all of whom must meet the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 2. Participation in a GameDay Qualifying Round requires three (3) to five (5) Team Members (one of whom may be the Team Owner) per Team per Qualifying Game. If there are less than five (5) Team Members (one of whom may be the Team Owner) on the Team, A.I. (computer-generated) players (“A.I. Team Members”) will fill out the Team as necessary. Team Members must be on the Team Roster prior to the start of a Qualifying Game in order to participate. Once the Qualifying Game has commenced, Team Members may not be substituted.
The Team must have Elite or better status in order to compete in a Qualifying Round. Elite status is achieved by Pro-Am Teams based on a number of in-game performance criteria, including winning at least 20 games. Additional criteria include the Team’s winning percentage and the quality of the Team’s opponents. Pro-Am Teams receive an in-game acknowledgment upon reaching Elite status. Only Elite level Teams (and higher) will see the in-game menu option in Pro-Am mode that allows them to enter the Contest.
Play at least one (1) Qualifying Game during a GameDay Qualifying Round in Pro-Am Mode as a Team.
Win at least one (1) “Qualifying Game” (each a “Qualifying Win”) during a GameDay Qualifying Round. All Teams will be matched with one-on-one blind opponents. Teams/Team Owners will receive a score (“Score”) for each Qualifying Win based on a combination of Team Member Grade, Game Statistics, and Game Score. Scores of Team Owner’s Wins during a GameDay Qualifying Round will contribute to the Team/Team Owner’s Total Score on the Leaderboard for that GameDay. Team Scores for lost games will not contribute to the Team/Team Owner’s Total Score on the Leaderboard for that GameDay. Team/Team Owner’s Total Scores will be reset to zero (0) at the start of the next GameDay.
The Team/Team Owners with the three (3) highest Total Scores based on the Leaderboard for each platform at the end of each GameDay will qualify to compete in the Tournament (each a “Game Day Qualifier”) (subject to confirmation of eligibility). The Team Roster of a Game Day Qualifier will lock at the end of the Team’s last Qualifying Game on a Game Day (“Qualifying Team Roster”) and no changes may be made to the Qualifying Team Roster at the end of the GameDay. However, if a Game Day Qualifier has fewer than five (5) Team Members (including the Team Owner) on the Qualifying Team Roster, the Team Owner of such Game Day Qualifier may invite Team Members to join the Team until the Team includes five (5) Team Members (including the Team Owner) as further described in Section 5. Team Owners and Team Members on a Qualifying Team Roster may not participate in subsequent GameDays.

How to Enter the NBA 2K All-Star Tournament

Sponsor has the right to use all Team names, logos and uniforms in its advertising, marketing and publicity materials, in its sole and absolute discretion. In addition, Sponsor has the right to require a Team to change its name, logo and/or uniform if such name, logo or uniform is deemed inappropriate or could violate the right of any third party, including, but not limited, to copyright, trademark or right of publicity or privacy, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Failure to comply with Sponsor’s request to change team name, logo and/or uniform in a timely manner may result in disqualification, in Sponsor’s sole and absolute discretion.

Teams/Team Owners may only play as one Team and on one account/Gamertag/PSN ID per GameDay, but can play multiple Qualifying Games throughout GameDay as the same Team/Team Owner. However, if a Team/Team Owner loses a Qualifying Game on a GameDay, such Team/Team Owner may no longer play any Qualifying Games on that GameDay. Teams/Team Owners and Team Members suspected of using multiple accounts/Gamertags/PSN IDs to play as multiple Teams or via multiple platforms throughout the GameDay will be subject to disqualification. While a Team/Team Owner must enlist at least three (3) Team Members to play a Qualifying Game, only the Team/Team Owner will be considered the “entrant” whose Total Score will be reflected on the Leaderboard and only the Team/Team Owner will be eligible to advance to the Tournament with his or her Qualifying Team Roster. While a Team Owner can play with different Team Members throughout a GameDay, only the Team/Team Owner’s Qualifying Wins and Leaderboard Total Score will be considered in the Contest and only the Team/Team Owner and eligible Team Members registered on the Qualifying Team Roster will qualify to advance to the Tournament. All aspects of this Contest are subject to these Official Rules.

No automated entry devices and/or programs permitted. All entries (including game play) become the sole and exclusive property of the Sponsor and receipt of entries will not be acknowledged or returned. Sponsor is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, stolen, incomplete, invalid, unintelligible, misdirected, technically corrupted or garbled entries, which will be disqualified, or for problems of any kind whether mechanical, human or electronic. Proof of submission will not be deemed to be proof of receipt by Sponsor. By entering the Contest, Teams/Team Owners and Team Members fully and unconditionally agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of the judges, which will be final and binding in all matters relating to the Contest.

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