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Guarding Sharp Shooters In NBA 2K18

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A good 3 point shooter is always going to be a devastating player in any basketball game and this is no different for NBA 2K18. Some people say that sharpshooters are the most overpowered class in NBA 2K18, but to be fair, 2K has made some adjustments in this regard. Still, we have some tips for you guys who are tasked with defending sharpshooter.

Guarding Sharp Shooters In NBA 2K18

Never Leave The Sharp Shooter Open!

This should go without saying, but never leave the sharpshooter open! There is never a reason why a sharpshooter should be left all alone and open. If you are tasked with guarding them, you need to always be at hand length away. Even if your teammate is in trouble, do not leave your defensive assignment.

Never Go Under On Screens

If a screen is set up, do not try and go under and around. You do this and you are basically giving them an open invitation to shoot. As the game is still in its early days, this might not be as bad. But just like in 2K17, you can get that when it comes to screens, going under and trying to get to a sharpshooter is near impossible with someone who knows what they are doing.

Talk To Other Players

If you are in a game with a bunch of randoms and someone on the other team is just hitting three after three. Either you are going to have to take them or if you already are working your butt off defending another problem. You are going to have to communicate with one of these randoms that they need to get close to the sharpshooter and at least put a bit of pressure on them. If you are with new or casual players, the defense may not be something they know much about, so give them a bit of a heads up that they need to get close to a sharpshooter at all times on defense.

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