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Getting Your Rep Up In NBA 2K18

nba2k18mt Date: Oct/13/17 22:21:39 Views: 469

We have spent a ton of time playing NBA 2K18 and we are making good progress on the Road To 99. We have been playing the 2K series for quite some time and today we wanted to share with you how you can make sure you are being as efficient as possible with the amount of XP you are getting.

Getting Your Rep Up In NBA 2K18

Pro Am

Play all the Pro Am games that you can! There are no shortcuts in NBA 2K18! So keep that in mind. If you want that XP, you need to work for it and that means getting your teeth into the Pro Am. Not only do you have to play Pro Am, you have to do your part. Do not just worry about getting your points and assists in. Play a real team role, rebound, defend and do your part for the team. The better you play, the better you will be rewarded at the end of the game.

My Career

We know that My Career is not for everyone, but playing 12 minute quarters or even longer (some people do 20 minutes!) is the way that you can make sure in each quarter you have a lot of points, assists, blocks, rebounds, steals and all the rest. Having so much time to play really does rake in the XP. Of course doing this is quite time consuming, but many people swear by this.

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