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Getting XP So You Can Get The Skateboard In NBA 2K18

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We love what 2K has done with NBA 2K18 and we love how you guys have been coming here to buy NBA 2K18 MT, today though we are here to help you get your rep up so you can then zoom around the Playground on a skateboard or bike!

Getting XP So You Can Get The Skateboard In NBA 2K18

Playing Walk On

Try and play with 3 to 5 people if you are playing walk on and make sure you are using your badges as much as you can and also your builds abilities. So for example, if you are a shooter, shoot 3's! The more you use your badge, the more XP and rep you will get.

Park Can Work

If you play 3's in the park, it may take a while, but it can give you some great rep. This is a good way to have fun and also get some great XP which is, of course, going to help your rep.

Know The Right Time

It is said that the best time to play NBA 2K18 to get the best XP is 4-7. The reason for this is that you will be playing kids who are just home from school and looking for a quick game. Now, of course, some kids are just bosses at this game. But for the most part, you will encounter far more new and casual players during this time. Playing later at night is when all the more hardcore players will be playing. Players who will shut you down no matter what your badges are so the XP you make during this time will be far less.

You Have To Work For It

We wish there was a quick way to get XP (and we are trying to find one for you guys) but as of right now. You are going to have to put some serious time into the game, use your badges and just grind to get that XP so you can get the skateboard and other cool stuff.

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