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Game Players focus on Unanswered Questions in NBA 2K18

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NBA 2K is a series that has great depth, so even though we've already learned about quite a few details, there are still a number of questions that are unanswered. 

Game Players focus on Unanswered Questions in NBA 2K18

I and other NBA 2K game players to ask the forum about NBA 2k18 expectations and NBA 2k17 problems in Quora, we all hope that some of the problems have been improved, but also look forward to the following about the NBA 2k18 related issues can be very well resolved. and thank for the rearrangement of the problem.


Do Rookies Have Tattoos?

The question should probably be, "will all of the rookies have their tattoos?" We know Markelle Fultz has his because we can see them in the first look image 2K provided.

We'll find out soon enough if all of the tatted rookies have their body art represented.


Can You Trade Injured Players In MyLeague And MyGM?

This wasn't mentioned in the MyGM and MyLeague blog, but we'll see if it was potentially just overlooked among the new features.


What Are The New Archetypes?

We don't know for sure that there are new archetypes on the way. I expect to learn this information later this week when the MyCareer details are revealed.


Is Free Agency In MyLeague Online?

Every year, MyLeague Online moves a little closer to mirroring the offline version. Free agency is one of the features missing from the online component. It wasn't discussed on the blog, so I'm guessing it isn't in, but we'll confirm ASAP.


Full Details On Creating and Editing Players

This is similar to the offline/online question, but it's different because it also relates to player editing. Fans want to know what aspects of the existing players can be edited. Can we change the ages of the players from the classic teams? Can we edit socks and more?


Is Transition Defense Improved?

This has been an issue in the last few versions of the game. It appeared to be improved during the hands-on preview, but I'll know for sure when I play the final build.


Are There Less Or No Canned Animations

Sometimes the animations on screens can be a little forced. That's the case in a few of the sequences in the game. The new movement engine is supposed to remove those instances.


How Much VC Do You Need to Save Players in Pack And Play?

In the new MyTeam mode Pack and Play draft mode, you will have an opportunity to retain possession of certain players as you progress through the mode. It will cost you VC, but the amount hasn't been shared. We'll try to get specifics this week.


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Are There Are Any New Parks?

There has been no mention of MyPark so far, but the Aussie leak talked about the playground. I can't wait to find out what this means.


Can You Change Thunder All-Time Teams' Jerseys to Sonics Jerseys?

Seattle hoops fans are still pretty bitter. They want to know if they can choose Sonics jerseys when playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder's all-time team. Previously, there hasn't been any options to pick alternative jerseys for classic teams. We'll see if that has changed.


How Consistent Is Shooting?

I saw a lot more missed shots in my preview which were far more realistic, but again, that was not a final build.


Will There Be Offline And Online MyPlayers?

This has been one of my biggest requests over the past two years. I believe fans who aren't interested in playing online should be able to create MyPlayers free of the fair play restrictions.

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