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Building An Epic Centre In NBA 2K18

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We have asked a few of you who have come here looking for NBA 2K18 MT Coins about your My Player and unsurprisingly very few people play as a center. These days the NBA is a very guard-oriented league and centers, while still having a place are not the focus like they were when Shaq and Tim Duncan were calling the shots. But center can still be a fun position to play and it is one that not many people bother with. Well, to help you out we have a few tips for you when it comes to building a powerful center in NBA 2K18.


Primary & Secondary Skill

We feel that the way to make your center a player who can score and also crash the boards and grab rebounds is to have post scoring as your primary skill and defending as your secondary. This gives you the best possible foundation to build your character as you progress. 


What To Build On

The skills that you need to build on our first of all your mid-range. Layups and dunks are super easy in 2K18 as there is no meter. So if you are wide open 99/100 you are going to make any layup or dunk that you do. But adding any points you get to your mid-range makes you a really dangerous scoring threat to any opposition. Post offense and strength is also worth building on along with things like stealing and blocks. This way you can be a monster on defense.


This is a simple way to make yourself a center and have good skills on the offense and defense, it is a really balanced build. Let us know how what your center builds are and be sure to ask us about our amazing deals on NBA 2K18 Coins

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