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2K announced a partnership with Nike’s new NikeConnect

nba2k18mt Date: Sep/23/17 02:37:19 Views: 299

2K announced a partnership with Nike's new NikeConnect – an unlock to real-time, personalized experiences activated through the combination of the jersey, a smartphone, and the NikeConnect app.

2K announced a partnership with Nike’s new NikeConnect

The groundbreaking technology represents the first time that premium NBA content can be accessed through interaction with apparel. By simply tapping an NBA jersey with the NikeConnect app, NBA 2K18 fans can now reap the rewards in-game with free MyTEAM cards and random MyPLAYER boosts.


Here's a quick step-by-step guide to using the Nike NBA jersey with NikeConnect and NBA 2K18:

1. Get the all-new Nike NBA jersey with NikeConnect at a retailer near you.

2. Download the NikeConnect app, available for iOS 11 and Android.

3. Tap your smartphone on the tag at the bottom of your Nike NBA jersey.

4. Unlock exclusive NBA 2K18 offers!


The NikeConnect app will be available on September 29.

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